The success of every child is why we exist as a school.

We believe education and wellness are the keys to success. That’s why at Legacy we empower every scholar with the preparation they need to get to and through college. Legacy provides an advantage for your child to achieve success through our unique combination of features:

✔ A confident transition from elementary to middle school and middle to early college high school
✔ Customized curriculum to meet your scholar’s individual needs
✔ Academic assistance and acceleration to ensure your scholar is thriving on grade-level or beyond
✔ Interdisciplinary studies through fiction and non-fiction reading
✔ Music instruction through the study of strings, percussion, or chorus
✔ Monthly interactive science field trips for 5th grade
✔ Every 8th grader earns two high school credits (with an opportunity to earn four), putting them ahead of the game when they advance to high school
✔ Technology resources are utilized in every subject and are accessible to every scholar
✔ Weekly incentives for scholarly behavior

Clubs: Mock Trial, Beta Club, Student Government, Art Club, Leadership Club, STEM Club, Coder Dojo, and Yearbook

Athletics: Basketball, Soccer, and Track

Facilities: Newly renovated classrooms, nationally recognized Dining Hall and wellness program, state-of-the-art Media Center, world-class collegiate Soccer Field, Gym, and two-court Arena.




College Tracking

LECMS scholars are preparing to be college-ready from the moment they enroll. Our middle school scholars are taught specific college-ready study, organization and time-management skills which are often taught to college freshmen in "Freshman-Success" courses. Your Legacy scholar will have the opportunity to advance her program of study according to her own individual strengths, even going to the grade-levels above her own to take courses for which she qualifies. Since every scholar at Legacy is a college-bound scholar, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all curriculum.



  • Newly Renovated Classrooms,
  • Nationally Recognized Dining Hall and Wellness Program
  • State-of-the-art Media Center
  • Collegiate Soccer Field
  • Two-Court and Single Gym Facilities





Mock Trial

Beta Club

Student Government

Art Club

Leadership Club


Coder Dojo


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